TriStar Hats Co. is the dream vision of Chad Davis, a born and raised resident of Knoxville Tennessee, made possible by Andrew Doyle and Tyler Neal of Apex Apparel. Chad is the product designer and Andrew and Tyler bring the final product to life.

The three grew up in Knoxville attending and graduating from Farragut High School. Chad attended the University of Tennessee, Andrew attended ETSU and Tyler attended Tusculum College. Andrew and Chad grew up playing soccer together and Tyler was a linebacker for Farragut High School. They were close during high school but had no idea their lives would come back together for such a strong purpose.

TriStar is a fun loving company created by 3 guys who definitely don’t take life too seriously. They would much prefer to play 18 holes with their customers than to run your “typical” 9 to 5. Though they don’t take life too seriously they cannot say the same for their products. The products you receive from TriStar Hats will be of the highest quality in both workmanship and design. They want their customers to be proud to wear their products in hopes that they will be recommended to family, friends and strangers.

We hope that everyone loves our products as much as we do! Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. 

Special thanks to friends and family who supported us in Knoxville: Jessa Davis, Breckyn Davis and Becksley Davis (the family of Chad Davis), Aaron Doyle (brother of Andrew and design guru) and everyone else who gave advice and support.

A very special Thank You to Chelsea Schupp our website designer for bringing our dream to life.

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